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Shaan Safety Nets Is a Leading Dealer In Provide Superior Quality Construction Safety Nets At Lowest Prices, With up to Five Years Warranty and also offer Free Installation & Inspection with Quality Assurance, Customer Friendly Service, Skilled & Professional Work Team. Bangalore’s No.1 Safety Nets Dealers in Construction Safety Nets.

The real estate sector in India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The growth of the industry is attributed mainly due to the great demand for housing for Indians huge population and rapid urbanization. Be safe on your construction site. One out of ten construction workers is injured on the job every year and falls are the main leading cause of construction accidents, injuries and fatalities. We make our netting from a high tenacity, nylon mesh and we can combine it with rope, where there is construction, there is debris falling or flying objects that can seriously injure people and severely damage property.

Shaan Construction Safety Nets wraps your building in safety, protecting workers, pedestrians and nearby structure from harm. Industrial safety nets are typically lighter but just as strong and often includes a flame retardant protection for added safety. They are ideal for many materials handling application and available in prepacked or caution configuration. We need highly advanced technical instruments to manufacture safety nets. So every one need to take precautions when you assign work on heights for workers. Don’t ignore to get installing safety nets for your construction areas, it will help your life and avoid dangerous incidents.

We Are The Best Choice for You Safety Nets Services

We Use “Garware & tuff Ropes” Brand Materials and Ropes for all types fences. Which are very high quality and long durable. We are experts in giving best services for luxury apartments.

Why People Choosing Us

Free Installation & Free Inspection

Professional Team Available for 24/7 hours, We offer absolute Installation Free of nets fixing for all types of requirements.

Trusted By Most Customer

We always concentrate on the specific requirements of the clients, Our long existence in this field is due to the strict quality standards we follow.

Quality Warranty Assured

Best Quality | Vast Collection | Low price | Free Installation 24*7 | Warranty Assured 3 to 8 Years | Support & Service | Free Quaotation.

Affordable Prices

We Provide nets at reasonable price and 100% good quality. Best products are guaranteed when you buy products from us.

Quality Policy

Indicating that products will meet customer needs. This is often phrased in marketing terms, for example, the principle that products will delight customers.

Why Only We Are?

Experts Fixing Safety Nets, We have serve almost all major residential & commercial requirements. We offer best quality nets competitive price.

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